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We represent a creatively diverse roster of directors, each bringing a unique cinematic approach to their filmmaking. Their feature film work has screened at Sundance, Berlin, Palm Springs and Cannes, yet none of them brag about it. Seriously, they’re lovely people.


We also offer production services tailored to clients with hands-on, internal creative teams, or international productions seeking to simplify and streamline their US-based shoots. Filmmaking is teamwork; production is problem-solving. We’re very good helpers.


Feast is a full-service film production company, specializing in crafting commercial and branded work that brings cinematic ideas to projects focused on real people and real stories. We help our clients elevate their vision and move their audience, from conceptualization and creative direction, to production, to editorial and finishing.

Our ethos and aesthetics are borne out of our passion for cinema. As producers, we have nearly three decades of combined experience creating work for global clients across the tech, business and arts spaces. And we’ve produced award-winning feature films and documentaries that have screened at the most prestigious film festivals in the world.

We have a robust production infrastructure for large-scale projects that demand it, and we’re equally well-equipped to maximize efficiency and stay nimble for smaller work.

Oh and we love food. So let’s maybe eat some good food. Yum.

Matthew Petock  Partner; Executive Producer
Zachary Shedd  Partner; Executive Producer
Jack Morningstar  Head of Production


Please say hello. We’d love to collaborate and make something special.

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